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Meet Talin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


During the 2020 War, I decided to fly to Armenia with a team of therapists to help with the mental health efforts for displaced folks and injured soldiers. During my time in the motherland, I was so inspired by all the amazing work being done, that I decided to relocate to Armenia to continue the work. As a repat myself, I came to understand the difficulty in trying to access important health related services. Even though we are in the motherland, we often face some cultural barriers that make it difficult to feel understood. This is why I decided to expand my practice for repats living in Armenia.

I have eight years of professional clinical experience, my primary experience being with children, young adults and parents. I can help with a wide range of concerns ranging from Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Grief/loss, life transitions, relationship issues and much more. It would be my honor to help you start on this journey to emotional wellness. 

My hope is to make you feel comfortable enough to share your innermost thoughts and feelings in order to find inner peace. I have a very laid back approach, and allow clients to take the driver’s seat in therapy sessions.

License: LCSW89129

Education: Masters in Social Work from Columbia University

Cost for one hour Session: 20,000 AMD

Location of Practice: Kentron

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