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Switch to the new calendar, which contains the current month, the next month and the year before or after.Add a new date and move it to the calendar.Switch to the folder with the file or to an existing selected folder (you can turn off the shortcut to the previous folder in the settings).The application allows you to perform several actions by clicking on the + button below the calendar.OpenCV is a library of computer vision, which does not only provide implementations of different functions for various image analysis tasks, but it also has an SDK for developers. However, OpenCV is not only a collection of useful functions for developers, but it also aims to offer to the developers the possibility to create new algorithms with its programming API. Today we will show you how to develop a face recognition application in C++ using OpenCV. OpenCV is written in C language, so we will need some common libraries and a development environment to code.What's required?VMware Fusion is a commercial virtual machine (VM) software created by VMware Inc. It allows users to create virtual machines and run them under a proprietary operating system (OS). What is really great about this application, is that it also allows you to run the operating system on your Mac or Linux host computer. Among other functionalities, it can turn your Mac or Linux computer into a virtual server. Additionally, it comes with a full-featured, cross-platform, web-based interface that is called Workspace View.VMware Fusion also includes tools to help developers who want to build Android applications and migrate data easily from their computer to their phone. These tools are called Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM). These features allow developers to provision their applications, back up their data, deploy their apps on a variety of types of devices and personalize these applications.VMware Fusion is available for free as a trial version, and comes as a single app (OSX / Windows / Linux), thus simplifying your digital life.What are the tools from VMware Fusion that we will use to code our application?In this video we will learn how to use the iPad with the HTML5 WebSocket API. This opens new opportunities and uses for the browser in a variety of applications.For example, in the case of the iPad/iPhone, they have a nice browser called Safari that has a HTML5 API that is very useful, because it allows developers to interact and create applications with the 08929e5ed8

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